Memory Topper


Memory topper

Our Octasmart® Essentials Memory mattress topper is the pure embodiment of Essentials extraordinary comfort, enriched with the power of Octacell™ Memory technology.  Designed to inspire your existing mattress with new life, the Essentials Memory topper transforms your dreams with a luxuriant layer of soothing support and is the perfect addition for everyone who loves to indulge in cosy comfort. With Octacell™ Memory at the heart of its supportive structure, the Essentials Memory mattress topper not only cradles the natural curves of your body with ergonomic support but also relieves pressure with its Aerocell® support base. Integrated with 10,000 open-air channels and a Signature cover blended with hundreds of breathable micro comfort air pockets, our Essentials Memory topper has advanced airflow that helps to balance your bed with a blissful breath of fresh air.

...with Essentials, there are always extras.

We promise dreams that are made to last, giving you peace of mind for the present and the future of your sleep, with every Essentials Memory mattress topper. Our experts understand how the little details, are just as important as our Essentials touch of comfort in transforming your sleep. So, with Essentials, there are always extras. Please check with your local retailer.

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8 year warranty

With our Essentials Memory topper, you’re guaranteed 8 years of extraordinary sleep. Thanks to our innovative technology, our above-industry-standard 8-year warranty holds the promise of long-lasting comfort, because our experts are committed to cradling your dreams with care. T&C’s apply.

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80 winks of sleep trial

Our 80-night sleep trial is there to give you the confidence in your comfort choice and give you the full experience of sleeping on our Essentials Memory mattress topper without compromising on your sleep comfort. Market dependent.

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The Power of Octasmart®

Octasmart® Essentials blends the power of Octaspring® Aerospace Technology to shape new topper, that are affordable for everyone with our magical secret formula. Octacell! Ta daaa…

The inside


Discover how the OCTAsmart® Essentials Memory mattress topper will cradle your dreams in essential comfort.

Octacell™ sleep technology

Octacell™ technology is a new generation of sleep comfort that has revolutionised the power of restorative sleep by re-engineering our patented Octaspring® Aerospace technology. Expertly crafted by our sleep team, this new concept of comfort combines a flexible formula of 10,000 individual air-filled cells providing enhanced breathability and ergonomic pressure relief.  Inspired by the Essentials Memory mattress design with its Octacell™ technology, our experts were able to refine its soothing support structure in order to create our OCTAsmart® Essentials Memory mattress topper on a quest to re-invigorate your existing mattress with the magic of Octacell™ technology. With a structure that is 25 times more breathable and 25% lighter than other industry-standard foams, its power to shape the way you sleep sustainably means it won’t cost you or the earth.



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Under pressure?

Octacell™ technology has the power to create balanced harmony with the natural contours of your body, encouraging pressure-relieving comfort that supports your sleep with the OCTAsmart® Essentials Memory mattress topper.

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Cooling comfort

The flexible nature of Octacell™ Memory technology promotes enhanced breathability thanks to the 10,000 air cells integrated into its supportive structure. Unlike most memory toppers, our Essentials Memory topper uses memory foam Octacell™ technology to create a balance of memory foam magic with astonishing airflow, so you can snuggle down and still keep your cool.

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Zero motion transfer

Sharing a bed can be a struggle, especially if there’s a restless sleeper involved. The dynamic design of the OCTAsmart® Essentials Memory topper is tailored to absorb any disruptive movement with an Octacell™ support system that promotes zero motion transfer.

Take a closer look at Essentials Memory® topper 

Mattress Explosion


The OCTAsmart® Essentials Memory mattress topper provides advanced airflow thanks to a number of integrated air mesh panels that help to channel and expel unwanted warm air, promising a night of comfortably cool sleep.

Signature Micro-Air pocket Cover

Cooling your mattress with an extra breath of fresh air, the OCTAsmart® Essentials Memory mattress topper not only has breathable mesh sides but also has hundreds of micro comfort air pockets infused in its Signature cover cooling your mattress topper for a longer deeper sleep.


Octacell™ Memory

Naturally contouring your body with a layer of Octacell™ memory technology, the Essentials Memory topper, harnesses pressure relieving support and climate controlling properties to help soothe you to sleep with over 10,000 open air channels.

Aerocell® base

Thanks to its permanently elastic 3D structure, the Aerocell® foam base of the OCTAsmart® Memory mattress topper helps to comfort your sleep with blissfully balanced support.



Memory foam

plush comfort

Inspired by our new generation of Octacell™ memory foam, our Essentials Memory mattress topper blends beautifully cradling comfort with its plush pressure relieving properties to create a balanced formula of indulgence and support. Imbued with the power of Octacell™ our experts have created the Essentials Memory topper to furnish your mattress with a truly Essentials sleep experience. Its dynamic design instinctively responds to your body whilst keeping you comfortably cool as you snuggle down to the sweetest of sleep.

No more


The revolutionary technology of Octacell™ is the secret formula that gives our new Essentials Memory mattress topper the power to reinvigorate your tired mattress. With instant ergonomic pressure relief for your entire body and superior air circulation to help you sleep faster, deeper and longer, the innovative 3D structure and 10,000 open air cells promise to transform your mattress giving you the feel-good comfort your sleep deserves. Now imagine the comfort of memory foam, but without the heat usually associated with it? Well, that's the power of Octacell™.



No more

rolling together

The Essentials Memory mattress topper creates comfort customised especially for you thanks to its Aerocell® base infused with Octacell™ technology. This means no more restless nights being kept awake by even the tiniest of movements. By evenly distributing your body weight across hundreds of individual open-air memory cells, the Essentials Memory mattress topper helps reinvigorate your old mattress with structured support whilst promising a peaceful night of sleep without any disturbances from your partner's restless tossing and turning.

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Say goodbye to overheating with our Essentials Memory mattress topper, designed to breathe new life into your existing mattress whilst cradling you in cosy comfort. Whether you already have a standard foam mattress that soaks your sleep with night sweats or a standard foam mattress topper that’s trapping all the heat in your bed, our Essentials Memory mattress topper combines the cooling comfort of sumptuous support whilst channelling advanced airflow for the sweetest of dreams. Its breathable design is supported by a structure of 10,000 open air cells, helping to regulate your temperature to fall asleep faster for longer.


Micro- Air pocket cover

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Right temperature

Thanks to its thermo-regulating air mesh sides and built-in micro air pockets, the Signature cover of the Essentials Memory mattress topper helps to encourage free moving airflow, dissipating unwanted heat with supportive air circulation for longer, fresher sleep.

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Comfort boost

Our Essentials Memory mattress topper is designed to boost the comfort of your existing mattress with a touch of sumptuous support enhanced by hundreds of micro comfort pockets in its Signature cover.

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Pure freshness

With naturally antimicrobial technology, our Essentials Memory mattress topper helps to wick away unwanted moisture from your mattress thanks to its hypo-allergenic Signature cover. Not only does it hold the promise of a fresh night’s sleep but it also guarantees to protect you from allergens, mold and dust mites.





The Essentials Memory mattress topper has been created to add an extra layer of indulgent support and cooling comfort to your existing mattress. Integrated with a fusion of Octacell™ technology and memory foam, its transformative design promises to breathe new life into your tired mattress whilst keeping things cosy with a sumptuously supported structure. With an overall depth of 5cm, the Essentials Memory mattress topper combines a 3cm Aerocell® support base with a 2cm layer of our Octacell™ Memory foam made up of 10,000 open air cells, keeping you comfortably cool. This dynamic formula relieves pressure and effectively balances your body weight with zero motion transfer thanks to the permanently elastic 3D structure of the Aerocell® support base. Completed by our Signature cover, the Essentials Memory mattress topper benefits from enhanced breathability thanks to the cover’s advanced air mesh sides and hundreds of built-in micro air pockets.



Our two mattress topper designs have been created with two different qualities of supportive comfort with one comfortably affordable price. Our Essentials Memory mattress topper is inspired with indulgence in mind, promising a sumptuous layer of luxurious support, re-imagining the same Octacell™ technology for that cosy comfort feel. The Essentials Aerocell® mattress topper focuses firm support on the essential pressure points, relieving tension with orthopaedic technology adding that extra touch of stability to your sleep, whether that’s on your existing mattress, on your pull-out sofa bed, or directly on the floor. 



OCTAsmart® Essentials Memory mattress topper transforms your mattress with a touch of soft sumptuous support. Designed with a deep layer of Octacell Memory foam, the Essentials Memory mattress topper instinctively responds to your body weight creating a blissful balance between your body and your existing bed for cooling comfort that cradles and soothes. For everyone who wants to give their mattress a breath of fresh air, the Memory mattress topper is the perfect solution with a blend of snuggly support and Octacell™ advanced airflow.


What is Octacell™ technology?

Octacell™ is a 3D modular comfort layer that is symmetrically divided across 10,000 air-filled cells that work as individual support points and provide unrivalled breathability. Its open-cell design allows for advanced airflow and cooling comfort for an extraordinary night’s sleep with our OCTAsmart® Essentials mattress topper range.

Octacell™ is a unique comfort innovation inspired by Octaspring® aerospace technology; our eight-sided patented foam spring that blends the comfort of foam and the responsiveness of a spring in a new technology now recognised as the best new comfort innovation in Aerospace. It has been used in OCTAsmart® and OCTAsmart® Luxury mattress toppers, and now our experts have reimagined it again for our OCTAsmart® Essentials collection, creating an Octacell™ comfort layer which provides the same level of essential comfort and support as the original technology, but with less material.

The power of Octacell™ means that there are thousands of individual support points in the mattress topper, which practically work as individual zones, creating perfect support for your body. Thanks to the 10,000 individual support cells of our innovative Octacell™ technology, we have developed a mattress topper that responds instinctively with your body to support you and help avoid any unnecessary transfer of movement if you or your partner are restless sleepers.

How is the OCTAsmart® Essentials cover different?

The Essentials Signature cover has thousands of micro air pockets built inside the cover to promote airflow for a cooler and fresher night’s sleep. This is enhanced by air mesh sides for the very best ventilation.

Is the OCTAsmart® Essentials mattress topper anti-allergenic?

The very essence of our Essentials mattress topper is naturally hypo-allergenic thanks to its design and quality OEKO-TEX certified materials. The hygiene of the mattress topper is enhanced through natural air circulation which is supported by its Signature cover which consists of hundreds of micro air pockets. These magical micro pockets create cooling airflow and promote its anti-allergenic qualities for smart sleep that you can count on. 

How do I keep my OCTAsmart® Essentials mattress topper cover clean?

Although our covers are non-removable, our materials are created with easy-clean fibres, so a simple wet cloth to clean any spillages or marks will do. Thanks to the open-air channels of our Octacell™ technology, your mattress topper is guaranteed to keep its fresh feel-good feel and, if you do need to remove any marks, its advanced airflow will encourage any damp patches to dry nice and quickly.  Even so, we recommend you double check before snuggling down to avoid any soggy sleep!

Will the mattress topper slide on the bed frame?

Our unique non-slip material ensures your mattress topper stays put, providing an effortless sleeping environment.

Is the OCTAsmart® mattress topper environmentally friendly?

Our Essentials mattress toppers are probably one of the eco-friendliest mattress toppers we have designed. Not only does our Essentials mattress topper range reduce our environmental footprint by 40kg of CO2 emissions for every mattress topper we make, but they also can be recycled. The difference this makes in CO2 emissions means that for every mattress topper we produce, we give back the equivalent of planting two trees to mother nature. Additionally, our OCTAsmart® Essentials products are free from harmful chemicals, emissions and are OEKO-TEX certified.

What size does the OCTAsmart® mattress topper come in?

OCTAsmart® Essentials mattress toppers are available in all standard sizes, check with your local retailer about the specific sizes available in your country.

Can you test the mattress topper at home?

Of course! With our 80 winks of sleep trial, we offer you the opportunity to try out your new OCTAsmart® Essentials mattress topper for 80 nights, to ensure it’s the right comfy feel for you. If it's not, send it back for a full refund. Please check details with your local retailer.

How much warranty does the OCTAsmart® mattress topper have?

Our mattress toppers are built for your present and your future. That’s why we are confident in offering you 18 years’ warranty with our promise of peaceful sleep. Check full terms & conditions here.

Do I need to rotate my OCTAsmart® mattress topper?

Your OCTAsmart® Essentials mattress topper has been made with high-quality materials that are more durable and breathable than standard foam mattress toppers so there is no need to flip or rotate it. Just enjoy it!







So easy to

transform your sleep

The innovative lightweight design of our Essentials memory mattress topper means you can transform your sleep as soon as it arrives on your doorstep. Perfectly packaged to be delivered to your bedroom, our Essentials memory mattress topper is so simple to set up, you can snuggle down to soothing sleep the very same day, so, you don’t have to wait another night compromising on your comfort with your tired old mattress.