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Essential comfort

Designed to refresh and rejuvenate your sleep, our Octasmart® Essentials mattress toppers add that extra sprinkling of support, giving your mattress a touch of Essentials comfort. The transformative powers of our Octacell technology have been re-engineered by our experts on their mission to re-invigorate your tired mattress with new life. Whether you want to boost the comfort of your old bed or you need a last-minute spare bed for guests that you can roll out at night, Octasmart® Essentials toppers provide the extra essentials for top-notch comfort.

Two top choices, One incredible price

Our experts at Octasmart® Essentials understand that one size doesn’t always fit all, because every ‘body’ is unique. That’s why we took Octasmart's® innovative Octacell™ technology and created two transformative toppers, giving you a choice of two comfy feels at one comfortably affordable price. The Octasmart® Essentials Aerocell topper transforms your tired mattress with an extra layer of firm support and provides essential support for guests sleeping on the sofa bed or even the floor. Alternatively, the Octasmart® Essentials Memory topper is the perfect indulgence for an extra layer of cradling comfort, transforming your existing mattress into a bed of dreams. So, with the Octasmart® Essentials mattress toppers, the choice is simple, essential, affordable and always dreamy!




If you prefer a firmer feel, the Essentials Aerocell® topper is made for you. It will transform your old, uncomfortable mattress into a sleep sanctuary in seconds, offering a comforting support-system for your body and encouraging orthopaedic pressure relief for the hips, spine and shoulders. It is also the extra essential in transforming your pull-out sofa bed for guests or, better yet, it can offer the same spine-tingling support directly on the floor. Thanks to its design, it can be easily rolled up and stored away for when you next need it.



If it's cushioning comfort that you’re looking for, then our OCTAsmart® Essentials Memory topper will give your tired mattress a touch of tranquillity, boosting your comfort with a sumptuous layer of Octacell Memory technology and soothing you to sleep with essential luxury.  Infused with the power of Octacell, the Essentials Memory topper holds the key to cosy comfort whilst keeping you comfortably cool all night long.

Our Essential Elements

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Crafted by Experts

Our top-notch experts have continually challenged and refined our existing Octaspring® technology, in a bid to reimagine its potential to create extraordinary sleep solutions just like our Essentials mattress toppers. With 100 years’ of experience behind them, you could say they’re not just experts, but connoisseurs of comfort technology. Absolutely topping!

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Made to last

We go above and beyond the average industry standard with a promise of ever-lasting comfort thanks to our expertly crafted Octacell™ technology. Designed with the future in mind, our mattress toppers come with an 8-year warranty, because we’re not just invested in your present comfort, but your future comfort too.

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Innovated by our OCTAsmart® experts, our new Essentials range has been developed with Mother Nature in mind. Now our most environmentally friendly topper collection, Essentials holds the promise of comfortable sleep without compromising the world we live in.