Sustainable sleep


Eco commitment

The recent growth and disposable nature of the global sleep economy has seen consumers encouraged to re-new their mattress on a regular basis as often as every 8 to 10 years. Pair this with the rise of ‘mattress in a box’ businesses which offer 100-day returns and we’re faced with an ever-growing mountain of mattresses ending up in landfill. The US alone throws away over 20 million mattresses a year, but with a mere 56 recycling facilities available, the majority ends up in landfill and, despite most mattresses being 90% recyclable, their complex composition makes the process complicated and costly. The detrimental impact the mattress industry is having on our planet is an ongoing battle with each foam mattress returned, chucked or manufactured having produced at least 170kg of carbon emissions. If our calculations are correct, that means 3.4 billion kg of carbon emissions is wasted in landfill by the US alone on a yearly basis.

The Octasmart®


Determined in our mission to revolutionise the current climate of our industry, our experts reimagined our patented Octaspring® Aerospace technology to innovate a design that would solve all the industry issues of sustainability whilst providing essential comfort, enhanced breathability and durability but also be affordable and available for the masses. 

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Octaspring 10kg CO2 difference

Our original patented Octaspring® technology is already by nature extraordinarily environmentally friendly, using 50% less raw materials which promotes a reduction of 10kg of CO2 emissions per mattress.

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Further lowering of CO2 emissions

Our experts transformed Octaspring® technology into a 3D modular structure symmetrically divided across 10,000 open air channels called Octacell™. Inspiring our new Octasmart® Essentials mattress, the Octacell™ layer creates ergonomic comfort whilst making the design 25 times more breathable and 25% lighter than other industry-standard foam, saving double of CO2 emissions per mattress.

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Annual impact

On an annual scale, that means we will save 20,000,000 Kg of carbon emissions for every million mattresses we will sell. That’s the equivalent of racing a car 1550 times around the world, equal to the distance of 62,120,000 km and, more extraordinarily, planting a forest the size of 1,595,000 square meters; thats almost 400 football pitches!

Life time


Not only does Octacell™ tackle the issues of comfort, breathability and carbon emissions but it also has enhanced durability. Its innovative technology means we are confident in offering 18-year warranty with every Octasmart® Essentials mattress, and so creates lower CO2 emissions and lower landfill waste as it doesn’t not need to be changed on a regular basis. As creators of sleep comfort, this innovation is our proudest moment yet, creating comfort that keeps our planet protected from increased carbon emissions, so much so that it is probably the lowest producing mattress of carbon emissions on the market whilst also lowering recycling waste in landfill thanks to its use of one simple yet essential technology to create extraordinary comfort. With Octasmart® Essentials, we are excited to build a better future for our planet and generations to come, one sustainable sleep at a time.