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The Origins

of Octacell™ technology

Our sleep lab is at the cutting-edge of sleep exploration with our experts not only innovating new technologies but also revolutionising the way we sleep. With wellness and, most importantly, the environment driving industry trends, our lab have expertly crafted our new Octacell™ technology to create the Octasmart® Essentials range to provide unrivalled affordable comfort that protects your dreams AND our planet.  

Employing the extraordinary elements of our patented Octaspring® Aerospace Technology, Octacell™ re-engineers its eight-sided foam spring that integrates the responsiveness of foam and the comfort of a spring. Transforming this technology, our experts have created a permanently elastic 3D support layer dynamically designed with thousands of individual open air cells.  The extraordinary elasticity of its support structure provides enhanced ergonomic pressure relief that is cleverly complimented with a flexible formula of open air channels that activates advanced air flow. Not only does this provide the perfect foundation for blissfully balanced breathable sleep of cooling comfort that is 25x more breathable, but it is also 25% lighter than standard industry foam mattresses using less material for the same extraordinary Essentials comfort.


Octacell™ reimagines our Octaspring® Technology’s eight-sided foam spring to create the Octacell™ layer of our Essentials products, infusing the same supportive and breathable benefits but with 50% less material. 


Thanks to its instinctively responsive structure, the Octacell™ layer provides adaptive pressure relief with thousands of open air cells acting just like individual zones but working in harmony to evenly distribute body weight, replacing tension with tranquillity. 


Unlike the majority of industry standard foam sleep products, Octacell™ has been expertly crafted to provide the same level of foam comfort with enhanced breathability across its structure of thousands of open air cells. 

Tried & Tested

Comfort science

Comfort is the key to unlocking powerful restorative sleep. If you’re not comfortable, then there’s just no way you’re going sleep, which means the next day is a living nightmare. Your comfort is our top priority, so our experts have created some pretty unconventional comfort tests that vigorously challenge our technology and other industry standard mattresses. And guess what? Our Octasmart® Essentials range goes above and beyond the norm, exceeding even our experts’ expectations! 


Without telling our customers, our experts placed our Essentials mattress topper on top of a bed made up of thousands of nails. Watch our video for their reactions!


Placing a light bulb underneath a range of industry pillows and our own Essentials pillows, our experts dropped a bowling ball onto each of them, to find out just how supportive our technology is. Guess which pillow is the only one that saved the lightbulb from smashing? Watch the video to find out.


To test out our Essentials zero motion transfer, we placed tennis balls onto the mattress and then jumped… A LOT! Not only did we have great fun, but it shows just how amazing our technology evenly distributes weight. Check out the video to see the difference our Octasmart® Essentials topper can make.

Pressure tests

for Essential rest

For those of you who love sleep science just as much as our experts, you’ll know we spend an average of 2/3 of our lifetime asleep. That’s why we have put our Essentials products to the test with the very best pressure tests, to make sure that time in bed is supported with pressure-relieving technology that soothes and protects. We use the most sophisticated pressure mapping devices which measure and show where the pressure points in the mattress are built and created. Using this information, we specifically design our technology to reduce these pressure points so you can sleep in blissful peace. Just take a look at some of our most recent tests!


bed time test

In general, people underestimate the power of a breathable mattress, topper or pillow. Reaching the perfect sleep temperature is essential for faster, deeper, longer sleep. Without advanced air flow, you can overheat and end up restlessly tossing and turning all night long. We put our mattress through a rigorous series of challenges to make sure its cooling comfort wouldn’t leave you breath-less.


Using some pretty cool technology, we tested the air flow of our Octacell™ design, using a machine divided into two air chambers. Layering one chamber with an Octacell™ foam sample and the other with an industry foam sample, we placed a number of ping pong balls on top to see how effectively each technology would channel air flow released via the air vents underneath them. Check out the video to see Octacell™s advanced air flow!


We tested the pure freshness of our Essentials pillow against a standard polyester, feather and memory foam pillow, comparing how effective the airflow is in their designs. And guess what, we tried to blow out a candle with a pillow. Simple, but a very effective indication weather air is actively escaping the pillow and therefore keeping you cool during the night. Take a look at the video to see the results.


Thanks to our 25x more breathable Octacell™ design, we can safely say that night sweats can be a nightmare of the past. To test out the heat of our Essentials mattress, we used highly sophisticated and sensitive equipment that detects varying levels of heat. With a thermos-imaging camera, our experts were able to compare the difference between standard industry mattresses and our extraordinary Essentials mattress. Take a look through our thermo-camera lense.


to destruction

Durable dreams are a top priority for our experts. By designing technology that is made to last, we are not only invested in the future of your sleep, but also in the future of our planet investing in sustainable solutions. It also means we can be confident in promising you quality that counts with longer warranties to protect your purchase. So, we pushed our technology to the limit by rolling a two-tonne steam roller over our pillow, topper and mattress, and every single one of them bounced back to their original shape. That’s pretty impressive, we think.

The experts'


It's hard to make the right choice when you buy a new mattress, pillow or even topper. There is so much choice, you can go to the store and lie on few mattresses, but that won't guarantee it will feel the same at home.  Rob from our Sleep lab, shares a few tips on what to look out for, when you are buying or testing your new mattress - we hope it will help you find your perfect sleep environment.


When choosing a new mattress, there are several very important factors to take into consideration. Make sure it provides the right support, but also helps you have the best spine alignment, plus that it keep you cool at night - if you often sleep hot. Listen to our sleep expert on best advice in buying a new mattress.


Whether it’s to improve the comfort of your existing mattress, to use as an extra layer on your sofa bed, or even on the floor for your guests, choosing the right topper can transform your sleep experience. Our expert Rob has got some great advice in choosing the right comfy feel for you and your needs.


Choosing the right pillow doesn’t need to be difficult, but it is important that it adapts to your body and your sleeping position. Our sleep expert Rob is sharing his few simple tips on what to look out for. Watch the video for full details.


Sleep Technology for a Sustainable Future

Our experts are passionately committed to crafting sustainable sleep comfort that protects your sleep AND the planet. That’s why they refined the essential elements of our patented Octaspring® technology to innovate a flexible formula that provides eco-conscious comfort for a sustainable future. Octacell's structure has been dynamically designed to use 25% less material which means that one Octasmart® Essentials mattress alone saves 20kg of CO2 emissions! We save even more with our Octasmart Essentials toppers creating 40kg less CO2 emissions with every topper we produce, and we just can't stop talking about our pillows, which create 400% lower CO2 emissions than industry standard foam pillows. We have already helped over 6 million people around the world have a better night’s sleep that is also sustainable, and you can just imagine amount of CO2 emissions we have saved so far already.

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4 trees every 6 minutes

Every six minutes we save CO2 emissions which equals planting at least 4 trees, imagine how many trees we save everyday. If our calculations are correct, there are 1440 minutes in a day,…. WOW that’s 960 trees! That’s mind-boggling maths.

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Lightweight=Lower CO2

Did you know that your mattress weight directly translates into CO2 emissions. With numerous layers and thicker complex structures, most mattresses create a large amount of emissions. Now, that's why simple, yet smart technologies like Octacell™, makes such a difference. It is 25% lighter, but yet as comfortable. Now that's sustainable.

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The Matress cycle

Changing your mattress on a regular basis has been a strong message encouraged by the industry. But this has had a detrimental impact with an enormous amount of mattresses sent to landfill and recycling companies struggling to keep up. That's why our 18 year warranty gives you the confidence, that your mattress was built to last whilst also making a smaller impact on the planet.