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Your head is the most important part of your body, where your dreams for today, tomorrow and the future are born. Inspired by our experts’ own imaginations, our Octasmart® Essentials pillows have been created with a passion for peaceful sleep and a promise to rouse the sweetest of dreams. Imbued with the magical qualities of our ultra-comfy Micropearl™ technology and patented Octacell™ formula, the Essentials pillow range has been created to offer a sanctuary of support with the coolest of comfort for sublime sleep.

Two pillows of pleasure, one incredible price

Finding the perfect pillow can be a bit of a headache. Octasmart® Essentials pillow talk keeps things simple yet always essential, cultivating two comfy feels that are built on the same transformative technology. Our experts remodelled our malleable MicropearlTM technology, fashioning the core comfort of our two designs with a choice of fibre and memory. These two flexible fillings are beautifully complemented by our patented OctacellTM technology. The Octasmart® Essentials Aerocell® pillow embodies a centre of Fibre MicropearlTM technology wrapped in a luscious layer of OctacellTM Aerocell®, inspiring a down-like pillow feel for sumptuously supported sleep. For a pampering, pillow feel, the Octasmart® Memory pillow combines a classic core of Memory MicropearlTM technology that combines a blissful balance of memory foam magic with enhanced breathability unlike any other standard foam fillings.



The Octasmart® Essentials Aerocell® pillow offers a luxury down like pillow feel, whilst enveloping your dreams in sensationally snug sleep. It’s cool, supportive comfort is integrated with a blend of Octacell™ comfort technology for optimal spine alignment and airflow, and is beautifully balanced with our Fibre Micropearl technology which instinctively adapts to your head, no matter how you like to sleep. Wrapped in our Signature cover, its advanced breathability has anti-allergenic properties promising the perfect sleep for you all night long.



Indulge in the enchanting comfort of our Octasmart® Essentials Memory pillow which effortlessly embodies the magic of our Memory Micropearl™ technology. Enticing you with soothing sleep, the Essentials Memory pillow ergonomically adapts to the weight of your head, cradling you in cosy, but very cool comfort for peaceful sleep. This dreamy hug comfort is enhanced by our Octacell™ technology and Signature cover, allowing for increased airflow and breathability that helps to wick away moisture and support your sleep with ant-allergenic properties.

Our Essential Elements


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Pressure Free Pillows

Thanks to the flexible formula of our innovative Octacell™ technology, our experts have redefined head and neck alignment with a responsive Octacell™ layer that promotes pressure relieving posture for that naturally enhanced Essentials touch of comfort.

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Micropearl™ Magic Formula

Our Signature Micropearl™ technology is a magical feel-good formula that converts the finest Essentials materials into multi-layered micro-comfort pearls for superior softness and breathability.

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Environmentally Friendly

Our Essentials pillows are not only made for your peaceful sleep, but also for your peace of mind. With every pillow we produce, we create almost 400% less CO2 emissions than standard pillows thanks to our innovative foam technology. That probably makes our Essentials pillows the most eco-conscious foam pillows on the planet!