Essential comfort

for Essential sleep

A good night’s sleep holds the magic to boost your day, so you can look better, feel better, live better and, above all, dream bigger. Our Essentials mattress range was created with a vision to deliver not just good sleep but extraordinary sleep. With a choice of two expert designs, our trademark technology unlocks the promise of comfortably well rested sleep no matter how or where you are.






Two comfy feels

One incredibly affordable price

The OCTAsmart® Essentials choice is simple – but always essential. Our two comfy feels, firm support or plush comfort, re-engineer the same Octacell technology to give you contouring relief and enhanced breathability, but with two customizable comfort choices at one very comfy price. Our Firm Support Aerocell® mattress is perfect if you prefer more support for your spine without that sinking feeling. However, if you like getting cosied up, then our Memory Mattress with its cradling comfort is just what you’re looking for, adapting to your natural curves for that feel-good feeling.





Optimally supported by Octacell technology, our firm support mattress encourages natural spine alignment, for pressure-relieving and cooling comfort you can trust. The 3D open cell elastic structure of the Aerocell® base channels airflow and is beautifully complimented by our signature cover, promoting cooler, fresher, supported sleep.



Our expertly-crafted Essentials memory mattress yields to the body with a sumptuous layer of memory foam providing cradling comfort whilst sustaining that all-important core support. The Aerocell® base structure dissipates heat with climate-controlling design, and is perfectly packaged in our signature cover promising breathable comfort for an extraordinary night’s sleep.

Our Essential Elements

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Crafted by Experts

Our experts creatively re-craft our patented technology, on a quest to continually explore the next best solutions in extraordinary sleep. With 100 years’ experience behind them, you could say they’re not just experts, but connoisseurs of comfort technology.

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Made to last

We’re invested in your sleep and your future. Our mattresses are built with the future in mind and so thanks to our innovative technology, your Essentials mattress comes with an 18-year warranty because we can guarantee our designs are made to last.

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With every Essentials mattress we produce, we give back the equivalent of planting two trees to mother nature in lowering our emissions. We could save a whole forest for every one of our 40 markets! Now that’s a lot of trees