The sleep company

with a difference

Hi, we’re Octasmart®, a sleep company with a difference. We are a sleep technology company powered by the magical formula of Octaspring® Aerospace technology - the only true sleep innovation created in decades. 

We have one simple mission at the heart of everything we do – change the way people sleep for the better, one day at a time.  A good night’s sleep can transform how your day will go… and that’s where we come in - giving you the best chance of an amazing start to your day, thanks to an amazing night’s sleep.



Octasmart® ’s story starts with our Octaspring® Aerospace technology which inspires all our unique sleep solutions.  Designed with sleep in mind, our Octaspring® Aerospace technology embodies a never-seen-before combination of comfort and support thanks to its single foam spring.

Being dreamers at heart, we took our technology to the skies transforming aerospace passenger comfort on a global scale, whilst saving the world’s environment.  Now, we are taking it back to your bedroom, living room, office and even your driveway.

Our Collections

At Octasmart® we believe that everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. That’s why we have created three product collections that allow everyone to experience our unique Octaspring® technology.



The Octasmart® Essentials range re-imagines that same aerospace technology creating quality comfort, now comfortably affordable


Our original Octasmart® collection is the epitome of our brand essence and the true expression of our patented Octaspring® aerospace technology.



The Octasmart® Luxury range intertwines our complex sleep technologies in a heavenly blend of the finest materials for a sumptuous sleep experience, bringing you the finest discovery in sleep.



Like you, our team of experts at Octasmart® have a dream. A dream to bring Octaspring® Aerospace Technology to the comfort of your own home. Whether that’s sitting or sleeping more comfortably, we have re-imagined how Octaspring® can transform comfort. With its naturally cooling benefits, incredible support and lightweight eco - friendly design, our new aerospace-inspired solutions are proven to deliver faster, deeper, longer sleep so that when you wake, you’re ready to make your dreams a reality. What’s more, we’re committed to your comfort whilst reducing the impact it leaves on the planet as, unlike the average foam mattress brand, Octasmart® ’s range cuts carbon emissions in half with the unique, light-weight technology of Octaspring®.


it all started

Our sleep journey started in 2002, with the birth of Dormeo brand, the first ever ‘mattress in a box’, which is now synonymous with sleep. It gained success across Europe, Asia, Australia and North America so quickly, we decided we had to use our invaluable expertise to bring out-of-this-world comfort down to earth with the creation of Octasmart®; our first Octaspring® based mattress.

From thereon, Octasmart® ’s journey in creating innovative sleep solutions has been unstoppable with our technology changing the very essence of sleep for everyone, everywhere.



Our commitment to quality and comfort means our sleep solutions are crafted with your wellbeing in mind, using the best innovations in quality materials that are also Oeko-tex certified so you can rest assured no harmful toxins will affect your sleep or our planet.  Also, through its unique design and lightweight structure, Octaspring® Technology contributes to lowering carbon emissions for a better future for the generations of tomorrow.


by Sleep Experts

Our expertise in sleep is backed by over 100 years of joined experience in building and creating comfort solutions.   As experts in comfort and sleep, we expertly combine the two to get the best of both worlds and, with 6 million satisfied customers across 40 markets worldwide, you could say we’re the biggest advocates of world ‘sleep’.