Affordable sleep

Here at Octasmart®, we believe in a world where the best sleep technology doesn’t have to come at a cost. That’s why we took our innovative Octaspring® Aerospace technology and re-imagined its very essence to create our new comfortably affordable mattress, pillow and topper range.

Meet Octasmart® Essentials.  

We re-imagined sleep...again!

We are big believers in the power of sleep and, as experts of both comfort and sleep, we understand just how essential having the best mattress, pillow or topper can be in transforming your sleep.  From how you live, work, create, learn, explore and dream, sleep has the power to bring out the best in you. With our new Essentials range, our team had one clear mission; to create an affordable sleep range that re-imagines Octaspring® Aerospace Technology for everyone, because everyone deserves the best sleep, right? Octasmart® Essentials has a solution for everyone, whether you are in need of a new mattress or you want to give your existing mattress a quick comfort boost but costs don’t quite cover it, our Octasmart® Essentials range has got you covered. Our experts have transformed our technology to create a range that includes all sleep essentials, from mattresses to mattress toppers, and of course pillows.

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Everybody’s comfort is unique. Thanks to our Octacell™ secret formula, our team have designed not one, but two mattresses that comfort and support you no matter how you sleep. So whether you’re a side, back or front sleeper, Essentials is for everyone!

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Our Octasmart® Essentials pillows are imbued with the plush powers of our patented Micropearl™ technology. Nurtured by our experts to provide intelligent support and cool calming comfort, our Micropearl™ pillows are designed with a choice of two comfy feels as well.

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Our Octasmart® Essentials mattress topper adds that extra comfort to guarantee a sprinkling of support for your sleep. Whether you want to boost the comfort of your old bed or you need a last-minute spare bed for guests that you can roll out at night – Octasmart® Essentials toppers will deliver it.

The Secret of Octacell Sleep Technology

Octacell™ is the next generation of sleep innovations, inspired by our patented award-winning Octaspring® Aerospace technology. The magical formula of Octacell™ technology enhances comfort in all our Essentials' mattresses, toppers and pillows providing instant ergonomic pressure relief for your entire body and superior air circulation to help you sleep faster, deeper and longer. It's secret? A 3D modular comfort layer that is symmetrically divided across 10,000 air-filled cells that work as individual support points, provide unrivalled breathability and reduce transfer of motion. All the essentials for a great night's sleep.

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The Power of Octasmart®

Octasmart® Essentials blends the power of Octaspring® Aerospace Technology to shape new mattresses, toppers and pillows that are affordable for everyone with our magical secret formula: Octacell™! Ta daaa…

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Keep your cool

Our new Essentials range delivers 25x cooler sleep, thanks to our expertly-crafted Octacell™ technology with its astounding 10,000 air filled cells. These magical little cells provide cool comfort helping you to sleep faster, deeper and longer.

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Earthly Essentials

The difference our Eco-friendly Essentials mattress makes in CO2 emissions means that for every mattress we produce, we give back the equivalent of planting two trees to mother nature. Just imagine that, with our brand reaching over 40 markets, we could save at least one whole forest. Now that’s a lot of trees!

Born from a spring

Ultimate Comfort Machine

Cool & Breathable

Our secret

for a great night's sleep

Every secret formula has at least three key ingredients. For a great night’s sleep, our formula lovingly blends together a recipe of extensive sleep technology, years of expert sleep knowledge and a passion for delivering a good night's sleep to everyone, inside every single Octasmart® Essentials sleep product. 

Watch our video to find out more about Essentials and its incredibly smart design.

We love what we do, and have fun doing it, but...

We do take a few things seriously

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Quality counts when it comes to comfort. Our Octasmart® Essentials sleep products are made using the best quality materials and craftsmanship so that you don’t have to compromise on quality with comfort that is built to last.

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Eco-Friendly Comfort

We are committed to caring for our Mother Earth with every sleep solution that leaves our sleep labs. That’s why our Octasmart® Essentials range uses 25% less material, thanks to its Octacell™ technology, helping us cut 20kg of CO2 for every mattress we make.

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Your Well-being

Healthy sleep leads to a healthy mind, body and soul. That’s why we only use the highest-quality materials, that are Oeko-Tex certified and free from any harmful toxins for your complete peace of mind.

No compromise


We know that comfort is personal, as every ‘body’ is unique which means their sleep is too. That’s why our experts have refined our Essentials' Octacell technology to create two comfy feels across our mattress, topper and pillow range. One slightly softer, one slightly firmer -but both at the same comfortably affordable price. So, no matter what kind of sleeper you are, you don’t have to compromise on your comfort.  And guess what? If your comfort is compromised, we guarantee you can change it.





So easy to transform

your sleep

Our Essentials range is perfectly packaged to be delivered to your bedroom, so you can make up your ‘mattress in a box’ as soon as it arrives. Designed for everyone in mind, our Essentials’ innovative lightweight technology means that on delivery it’s easy to carry upstairs, simple to set up and ready to snuggle into the very same day. Its compact, easy to carry and eco-friendly packaging means you don’t have to wait another night’s sleep compromising on your comfort or costing you the earth.